How Libby The Lobster Got In The Recipe

The last recipe I posted was "Filet Mignon with Lobster Nests" and I thought it would be worth writing a little something on how this all came about because it was not what I had originally intended at all !

My youngest son Nickolas was coming home for dinner, and for a change (!) I really wanted to impress him...especially since he loves to eat, and needless to say love to eat GOOD FOOD.

I'd taken out the Kataifi dough from the the freezer in the morning, no clue what I was going to make with them other than the fact it wasn't going to be a dessert. So I thought they would make a nice "nest" under some filet mignon steaks along with mushrooms and a sauce, but what else ? Hmm...

Nick arrived, and low and behold God bless him he came with a live lobster in hand! He took the live lobster out of his bad and instantly I said "There's Libby the Lobster!" - we all laughed like kids. We looked at each other and had the same thoughts "wonder what Walter would do with Libby if we put her on the floor ?" (Walter's our dog) So we put Libby on the kitchen floor and watched...Walter had no clue what to do...until suddenly he must have thought "yum, this smells good!" and started to nip at her claws! Very funny to watch.

Shortly after we gave Libby a bath in the kitchen sink before cooking screaming, halleluyah!

And that's how Libby the Lobster Got in the Recipe !