Shrimp Nests with Lemon & Pepper Mayonnaise

Kataifi pastry is actually shredded filo, that is usually used in Greek and other nationality desserts. But since this pastry is not sweet, why not use it for something salty ? I forgot to take pictures this time.So here's a stock photo to show you what the nests look like.

Time: 40 minutes (cooking and prep)
Effort: Easy
Serves: 4

4 bunches of Kataifi pastry (about 1" circumference by 5" long)
1/2 cup melted butter
2 cups cooked baby shrimp, chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 tbsp white Port wine
Crushed black pepper
1/2 cup mayonnaise

Heat oven to 350oF. Brush the bottoms and sides of a muffin tin for four with some of the melted butter. Take a bunch of Kataifi pastry and twirl it into one of the muffin cups pressing it lightly down to form a cupped shape. Repeat with the remaining three bunches. Brush the tops generously with the remaining melted butter and bake for about 25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and chill. In a small bowl combine the shrimp with 2 tbsp lemon juice, Port and crushed pepper. Salt to taste and set aside for a few minutes while you prepare the mayonnaise sauce. Combine mayonnaise with a little salt and a generous amount of pepper and the rest of the lemon juice. Divide the shrimp into four equal parts and scoop them onto each "nest" using an ice cream scoop, drizzle with mayonnaise sauce. Great as an appetizer or served in summer with a salad !