Baked French Toast with Maple Butter

No pictures.... oops!

Time: 45 minutes or less
Effort: Easy
Serves: 6-8 small portions

1 loaf cinnamon-raisin bread, pre-sliced
6 eggs well beaten
2 cups milk plus 1 more cup
1 tbsp powdered cinnamon
2 cups real maple syrup
3 tbsp butter softened

Heat oven to 400oF. Butter a deep baking dish large enough to hold all the slices of bread lined up. Lay the slices of bread in the dish so that they look like a stack of cards fanned out - you should have two layers, side by side. Beat the eggs well and whisk in 2 cups of milk, cinnamon and 1 cup of the maple syrup. Generously pour over the bread. Pour over the third cup of milk and the remaining maple syrup. Bake until very golden and serve immediately - with extra syrup is even better !